Rules, Details & Scoring

The General Rules For The Event

  1. Traditional cowboy attire is required
  2. Traditional gear ie; no tie downs, martingales, rubber on saddle horn.
  3. 50' rope minimum length reatas are encouraged but not required.
  4. No swearing, vulger behavior, or complaining.

Buck's Basic Details On The Event

  1. We will start with 100 teams. You will come to town as a two person team, entries must be submitted and paid for by check with the entry form pdf on this website – available June1, 2014. First entered and paid for, first in. We are only accepting checks for entries. No credit cards for entries. So enter and mail early!
    Contestants may enter on two teams but each with a different partner.
  2. The Thursday evening before the event team pros and their teams will be announced.
    Buck is picking the 20 pros) each pro will rope with 5 teams) this will be your team.
  3. 50 teams will rope Friday, the next 50 will rope Saturday. Teams will rope three head, in three, 4-minute goes, guaranteed.
  4. You cannot get disqualified for a technicality, you will only lose points.
  5. Loping is permitted after the head rope is on. Just like roping in the pasture.
  6. The rodear line (it will be chalked) must be protected prior to the animal being roped.
  7. Points will be deducted if the rodear is not respected – for example – running in the herd.
  8. Time will stop when ropes are strung – front and hind and the ground person stands up.
  9. The top 30 teams will come back the third day for the finals.
  10. You will be given 4 head this time. The team with the most points – wins.
  11. Each team member, in each go around – in both the prelims and the finals, must rope at least one set of heels or one head.
  12. We will pay 8 places. Good luck friends!

Scoring and Points


All Shots that Turn Over (Del Viento, Contra, Johnny Blocker, Etc.) 12 Points
Scoop Loop 10 Points
Houlihan 8 Points
Overhand 7 Points
Underhand (Sidearm) 6 Points


Head, Half Head, Neck and Front Leg, Figure Eight One or Both Front Legs


Any Turn Over Loop 12 Points
Scoop Loop Hip 11 Points
Houlihan Over Hip 10 Points
Overhand Over Hip 9 Points
Cola (Straight Behind) 8 Points
Standard Hip 8 Points
Backhand Flank 7 Points
Overhand Trap 6 Points
Underhand Flank 6 Points

Any Shots not Listed will be at Judges Discretion According to Style
6 Points (+Or- 3)
Rope Strung on Down Animal 3 Points Only For Heel Shot
Back in to Heel Loop 3 Points Only


Under 1:30 +9 Points Under 2:30 +6 Points Under 3:00 +3 Points


Step Over Spoke And Lay Down +2 Points Front Foot - Two Feet Only +3 Points

Judges discretion for style, size of loop, length of throw, fine horsemanship, will be rewarded 0-3 points for header or heeler. This will only be rewarded for exceptional efforts!


Missed Shots -1 Point
Belly Roped -1 Point
Wrong Cow -1 Point
Lost Rope -1 Point
Spill Rodear Before Cow is Roped -2 Point
Dally on One High Hock -3
Point Chocking or Excessive Dragging (Abuse) -2 Point
Bucked Off -5 Rim Fired -5

Additional Information

We will be adding information as we go through the year regarding the event including sponsorship opportunities, places to stay, where you can board horses, information regarding vendor applications and other activities during the event – so check back often. There will be increased food service by the legendary Billy Ruiz at the venue for breakfast and lunch. Dry camping for contestants only will be available for rigs on site.

This is a “first entered/first paid/first in” event so the sooner you send in your entry, the better chance you have of getting in.

Thank you,