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Please contact individual clinic sponsor at the numbers shown for specific information about each clinic and space availability.

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Clinic Schedule and information

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Please download and complete the Entry and Release Forms and bring them with you to your clinic. If your clinic takes place in Colorado, there are separate Entry and Release Forms. All other locations download the forms for clinics outside Colorado.

Entry Form for clinics within Colorado
Release Form for clinics within Colorado

Entry Form for clinics outside Colorado
Release Form for clinics outside Colorado


Class participation as a rider = $750 for three days
Spectating/auditing fee = $30 a day

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Which Class is Right For Me?

Over the years Buck’s horsemanship classes have changed and been added to. Many people have questions as to just which class is right for them – and more importantly – which is right for their horse. Below is a brief description of each of the classes Buck currently is offering.

Colt Starting

A class for young horses that may or may not have been handled or worked with, instruction is directed on groundwork and preparation for the first ride. Halter work, gentling and saddling without stress – for both horse and rider – are the main focuses of Colt Starting. The four day class is intended to conclude with the rider safely aboard and beginning work in the snaffle bit.

Foundation Horsemanship

This new class is for the green rider or a green horse who may feel the need for additional groundwork prior to riding. During each of the three-day sessions half of the class is dedicated to working the horse from the ground in preparation for riding, with the second half of the class horseback.

Horsemanship 1

For the green horse and rider already comfortable in the snaffle bit along with aged horses needing continued work. This is the first stage of progressing into the bridle with all basic movements introduced. All levels of riders – no matter what discipline – will benefit. The class features strictly dry work – no cattle. All maneuvers stress the vaquero style of riding and are appropriate for horses from first level snaffle to experienced bridle horses. Hackamore horses welcome.

Horsemanship 2

The next phase in the development of the versatile bridle horse. Horsemanship 2 introduces the rider to working the horse in the hackamore and beyond. Horsemanship 1 is a prerequisite for enrolling in Horsemanship 2 unless otherwise approved by Buck. The class involves working cattle and ranch roping so that all aspects in preparing the bridle horse-in-the-making are addressed.

Cow Working

Limited to 12 riders, cow working is for the experienced rider who wishes to expose a green horse to cattle work or to help work further with horses already started on cattle. Tracking, sorting and cutting are worked on with the intent of introducing or refining work with stock for the purpose of ranch work. Calmness and precision are stressed as Buck’s Cow Working classes are designed with the working stockman in mind.

Ranch Roping

As the name implies this class is designed to refine and improve rope skills - for both horse and rider - with regard to ranch related activities with stock from horseback. This class is not about timed event roping; rather it is about perfecting a variety of roping shots as well as proper positioning of the horse. Aspects of working cattle outside as well as arena roping are practiced with the ultimate intent of creating a calm and skilled approach to handling stock with a rope. Rider’s relative adeptness with a rope is a plus, but not required.

Spectating a Brannaman clinic

Not all of our sponsor venues are capable of providing the amenities necessary for a full day in the outdoors that sometimes are a distance from services. We suggest you bring your own chair, water, food, sunscreen, hat and coat to name a few. Consider bringing items that will keep you comfortable and able to focus on the horsemanship experience.