Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding DVDs, Clinics, and Horse Problems.

Buck and his horse in a doorway

Buck receives numerous requests while he is on the road with clinics. Please understand that he has no access to a computer for the 10 to 11 months in the year that he is traveling in a recreational vehicle which makes it impossible to return every email. Your questions regarding horse problems, opinions or advice can only be answered in a clinic setting. This allows you to acquaint yourself with the fundamentals of horsemanship as well as find that your answer lies somewhere in the abundance of information that is dispensed at one of Buck's clinics. If not, a face-to-face conversation with Buck will allow for a more personalized answer.

Sponsoring a clinic:

Buck has a consistent group of sponsors that he has worked with for years. These sponsors have worked tirelessly to help Buck spread the word of horsemanship and have become over the years his loyal friends.

Many people have asked to sponsor a clinic in their area. Since Buck does all of his own scheduling, he asks that you attend a clinic to introduce yourself. He will only set up a clinic if he has met with someone in person and knows that you have made the time and effort to understand his teaching.

What to take to a clinic:

As a class participant, you will need the following: A 3/8 or 5/8 width egg-butt snaffle bit, mecate-style reins set-up, a training flag and a rope halter with a 12 foot lead. If you are new to the mecate-style reins and have the equipment, Buck's assistant can usually help you set it up before the class. As a spectator: Check with the seating at each clinic venue to see what is provided. Many spectators prefer to bring their own folding chairs for the best viewing location. Bring food, water, hat, sunscreen, coat or anything that will keep you comfortable in the outdoors for a full day.


The upcoming year clinic schedule is refined all year by Buck himself so it is not available until his current schedule is finished. This means the final details are worked on in November and we post it the first part of December. No sooner. Since we no longer send out calendars, keep an eye on this website for it's mysterious appearance at the end of the year.

Which DVD to start with:

Buck always recommends starting with the Groundwork DVD. This will allow you the fundamentals of horsemanship and enough tools to practice with. It is very difficult and frustrating to try to solve a problem by starting in the middle. Furthermore, all of your learning by the training DVDs should be enriched with a clinic. Seeing it in person, up close and watching Buck ride is invaluable to refining your own work.