The Art of The Western Saddle

A Celebration of Style and Embellishment
By Bill Reynolds

Spanning time and technique, The Art of the Western Saddle by Bill Reynolds is a celebration and visual feast of the graceful artistry of the western saddler and his craft. Filled with detailed photographs and illustrations, this book celebrates the saddle as a decorative hallmark of subtle beauty while fulfilling the utility of its principal purpose. The ability for early man to domesticate and ride the horse created the rapid advancement of man’s capability to travel and explore. The saddle-the epitome of form following function-evolved to meet the utilitarian needs of the rider and his tasks, be they work or pleasure.

Illustrated with historic and contemporary examples of saddle style and decoration, The Art of the Western Saddle highlights the work of makers such as Visalia stock saddle company, Meana, Miles City Saddlery, along with contemporary makers such as Chas Weldon, Dale Harwood, and many others. Many saddles of the stars are featured from the golden age of the Hollywood western; these include outfits belonging to the lone ranger, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and Barbara Stanwyck.

The Art of the Western Saddle also provides a look at the many exquisite examples of silver and gold overlay and filigree saddle silver created by the West’s preeminent metal smiths. Featuring 300 photographs, this volume is an absolute must for all equestrians, as well as for collectors and admirers of this unique and totally American craft.




The Art of The Western Saddle Book Cover